Joshua Briar is in prison for a murder he did not commit. When the prisoners in his cell block begin to vanish, he remembers frightening medical experiments performed on him long ago and learns he must face a timeless evil to save the woman he loves. Can he solve the mystery before it's too late? Find out by reading Xander Gray's mind-bending sci-fi thriller: PRISON OF SOULS.

Fans of Wayward Pines take note: you'll want to check this one out...

Fascinating, harrowing, and thought-provoking, Prison of Souls is the sci-fi thriller you've been looking for. 

- Adam J. Nicolai, Editor



This is one of those books where you want to grab readers by the shoulders and say, "You MUST read this!"

- Laura Stapleton, author of Undeniable


Prison of Souls received top rankings in all the categories I use to review books. Gray writes very well: his prose flows naturally, and his skill in describing everyday scenes, and contrasting them with the unreality of what is happening to the protagonist adds to the sense that what is real in this book is fractured and fluid, not conforming to commonly accepted versions of reality, like the particle/wave duality of light.

-Marian L. Thorpe, book blogger


Once I picked this up, I couldn't put it down!

-L.A. Mueller



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